Saturday crafternoon


So I’m writing a play with a friend. Recently we got together at a pub for discusion and writing which we affectionately dubbed “Queers and Beers.” During the course of the evening, she mentioned that during her undergraduate degree she wrote an essay on the words used to describe the vulva and vagina. At one point she became so frustrated that she replaced with the words vagina and vulva with euphemisms. For example, “Feminism is the radical notion that women are more than their hoo hoos.”

Firstly, she is an extremely easy to like person.

Secondly, that is a phrase that deserves to be remembered for time immemorial.

I haven’t embroidered for twelve years, but I recently picked up a needle, threads and a hoop after I decided that I needed a cross stitched dalek in a faux vintage frame (from the dollar store). As I have the materials (and I think that embroidery is a craft that looks fantastic when subverted), I decided that I would embroider the phrase.

I’m still working on “Feminism is the radical notion that women are more than their hoo hoos” (ideally I’d love to include a cross stitced vulva, but I am so out of practice that it might not happen). In the mean time, I am really inspired by the embroidered vulva and this amazing viva la vulva banner at My Little Stitches. So awesome.


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