My wife was still at rehearsal when I came home from work last night. I was looking for the mail, hoping for anything in a brown envelope (the envelope of choice for the Canadian government), when I noticed a blue package on the couch. A blue package with “4 U! Open” scrawled on the front.

I wondered if I should wait for wife to get home so we could open it together.

I managed to wait long enough to eat a chocolate chip cookie before ripping it open.

Inside was a print.

The best print that I have ever seen.

Wife bought it for me because I had commented (or complained depending on your point of view) that I missed the gorgeous pop art style painting of the Tenth Doctor a friend gave me for my 20th birthday. Unfortunately, when I came to Canada, I had so many things to bring (and not enough money to ship extras). The painting is currently being looked after by my best friend. In the meantime, I have this gorgeous print.

Sometimes I don’t think I deserve to have wife in my life. However, I am very glad that I do.


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  1. Hi There!

    Thanks for visiting me! Reading your “about”, it has dawned on me that I need to move to an English-speaking Canadian province in order to use French in the workplace. Genius new daydream!

    • Thanks for commenting! I really should comment on the blogs I read, so that I don’t come across as a creepy old man obsessed with queer TTC blogs.

      I don’t think I would recommend Alberta as a place to practice French. Unless you’re a government worker. However, I would wholeheatedly recommend it for the beautiful mountains and hot springs =DDD

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