Saturday Crafternoon


I couldn’t sleep on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. So I decided to work on my feminist cross stitch. I did not cross stitch a vulva because a) there was not a suitable space on the fabric and b) a friend pointed out that a vulva embroidered on aida weave fabric would look very block-y (a Tetris vulva). I thought it would be funny to give it a twee feeling and I toyed with the idea of a green border with yellow flowers. Unfortunately, it did not look good, so I left it plain.

Close up of the feminist cross stitch

It’s definitely not perfect. However, I love the saying. Furthermore, it was fun and relaxing to work on while watching The Thick of It and it was really good practice for cross stitching letters.

It’s currently on a bookshelf in a $5 frame from Michaels. However, I’m not sure how long it will stay there as Wife thinks that cross stitched pieces are hideous. In her defence, she always praises whatever I make and I think she is quite fond of the cross stitched Dalek.

Do you disgaree on interior decorating with your significant other? How do you negotiate how you’ll use your living space?


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    • Thank you so much for commenting! It’s really relaxing! Plus, it’s much more appropriate for summer than knitting or crochet (handling scratchy yarn in warm weather? Not so much fun).

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