Family Friday: What if I’m not enough?


The past week has been physically and emotionally draining. I feel very disconnected from important political and personal events that are happening at home.

Whilst I would not have been involved in selecting Australia’s first female prime minister, I missed the press conferences, broadcasts, articles, discussion and the crackle that is present when history is being made. Or perhaps only political science nerds feel that spark.

However, there have also been deeply personal events happening at home. Essentially, two of my siblings have told my mother that she was a terrible parent and therefore they are leaving home and never speaking to her again.

When I was younger I would weigh the the wrongdoings of my mother in comparison to my siblings and choose a side. However, this time I feel a deep sadness for everyone. I am also afraid. I am afraid that my children will feel that I was a terrible parent and decide that they don’t want me in their adult lives. What if I am a terrible parent and I don’t realise? What if I inflict wounds that never heal?


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  1. I’m far from the best parent, but my kids (now grown) and I are good friends. Try your best, act from love, admit your mistakes…….it works out.

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