One Year


We’ve been married one year.

Do you remember that we had a fight right before going to the church to get married? I had just come home from the job that I hated and was rushing around, having a shower, get into my wedding dress and make my hair presentable. You said that your mother complained that the amount we were planning to donate to our reverend was too much. I screamed that your mother did not have to involve herself with everything, that you did not have to automatically take her side.

We still got married.

In the past 365 days we have laughed, cried, fought, fucked, travelled, saved, spent, ate, drank, been sickly and healthy, screamed, cuddled, opened our hearts and our minds, filed paperwork, welcomed new people into our lives, changed jobs, started new ones.

I can’t imagine how amazing the rest of our life will be.

I love you.


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