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Family Friday: And Baby Makes More


Last month I bought And Baby Makes More: Known Donors, Queer Parents and Our Unexpected Families. I can’t believe that I waited so long to read it!

And Baby Makes More is an amazing and diverse anthology. It includes stories from sperm donors, egg donors, queer offspring, biological mothers and queer families.

I thought that all the stories were interesting. However, I have to highlight the essay “The Spawn, the Spawnlet and the Birth of a Queer Family.” It features the point of view of several members of a queer family that includes a lesbian couple, their sperm donor who eventually becomes a lover to one of the mothers, the sperm donor’s ex girlfriend and her two lovers, the sperm donor’s ex boyfriend and their close friends who became family members. Their family shows that it is truly love, not genetics, that creates a family. They wonderfully demonstrate that our potential to create queer families are only limited by our imagination. I feel energised and inspired to think outside the box in the pursuit of our own family.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in creating intentional families. It is definitely not a how to guide. Several stories do not have happy endings. Or the authors are still working through problems. However, I felt truly inspired and energised whilst reading this book and amazed at the diverse forms that our families can take.


Immigration: an explanation


Several people have asked me how I am applying for permanent residence in Canada. This blog post is about our personal experience of preparing an application. It does not, obviously, constitute legal advice.

You are not automatically entitled to permanent residence when you marry a Canadian! However, you are allowed to apply for a visa. We are applying for an in Canada Spousal or Common Law Partner visa. As the name suggests, you must be married or in a common law relationship with a Canadian citizen or permanent resident and currently living in Canada. In order to apply, you must complete several reams of paperwork.

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(Trying to) be sexy


Remove brand new pair of black lace thigh high stockings from package. Put them on. Lay seductively on the bed and call for your wife. Wife eventually comes up. (“What if I was calling you because there was a fire in the bathroom?” “I was pretty sure you were just laying around trying to be sexy.” “… And you still took your sweet time?”) Wife goes to remove stockings “Hey! These are covered in cat hair!”