Visitor’s visa


I’ve been busy lately. As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, my work permit expires in January and I am not able to renew it. So I applied for a visitor’s visa. I was really worried that my application would not be processed before my work permit expired and that I would need to leave the country. Fortunately I’m allowed to legally remain in Canada until a decision is made.

Compared to a permanent residence application, applying for a visitor’s visa application was super simple. I just needed to complete a form explaining why I originally came to Canada, why I wanted to stay longer and how I intended to support myself. We also needed to gather supporting documents. So Wife obtained another letter from her employer outlining her position and salary and she also wrote a letter stating that she would support me.

Actually I wrote the letter. She’s far too busy and stressed from working to support our family to have time to write a letter saying that she will support our family. Perhaps I should have put that in the letter.

It was mostly stressful because I needed to persuasively yet succinctly explain why I should be allowed to stay. It’s like a job interview. You need to convince the person reading your application that you should be chosen.


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